How to Boost
Your Vehicle’s Trade-in Value

You want to get the most out of your current car, so knowing how to boost your vehicle’s trade-in value can help. Red Noland INFINITI accepts gently used cars from Colorado Springs and Cimarron Hills, Colorado, owners to build our pre-owned inventory. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve by following our tips for Fort Carson and Canon City, Colorado, motorists.

How to Boost Your Vehicle’s Trade-in ValueFind Out the Trade-in Value

Before you make any changes or bring in your car, find out how much it’s worth. If you know how much you can get for it, you’ll know what kind of down payment you’ll have. If the amount isn’t to your liking, find out the  measures you should take to increase its value to a more satisfactory level.

Our Value Your Trade appraisal tool can be used to determine the current value or research the amounts on trusted sites like or Kelley Blue Book. Be aware that the value may change daily according to the market demand. On the trade-in day, the latest estimate will be honored.

What Information Will You Need?

When using our appraisal tool, you’ll need some vital information about your car. It’s easy to find that info from your registration, owner’s manual, or the car itself. Enter the make, model, year, and condition. Mileage can help, too, but it’s not required. You may also attach current photos of the exterior and the interior.

How to Boost Your Vehicle’s Trade-in ValuePreparing Your Car

Although your car may embody plenty of fond memories, trading it in can be a great way to get a substantial down payment for your next vehicle. Of course, getting the maximum amount of compensation starts by doing a little legwork.

First and foremost, clean up your car. That means removing all the garbage, from gum wrappers to empty beverage containers, lying throughout the interior. Once you’ve taken out the trash, wash the windows, wipe down the dashboard, and vacuum the upholstery and floor. A clean car shows off all its appealing features.

Remember to take out all your personal items, from gloves to phone cords. Check the trunk and glove box for anything you may have forgotten. Don’t forget to erase personal information from any on-board devices to protect yourself.

Servicing Your Car

Is there anything in your car that needs a minor adjustment or a replacement part? For instance, could your wiper blades be replaced or is a light flickering? It’s a good idea before trading in your car to get these and other pressing issues taken care of. If your car is in fine working order, you won’t have a huge laundry list of repairs.

By getting the car inspected, you’ll make sure it’s fit for another driver and that you’ll benefit from the maximum trade-in value. It works out for everyone if you schedule an inspection at our dealership.

How to Boost Your Vehicle’s Trade-in ValueDon’t Forget to Bring. . .

Now that you’ve taken care of the items listed throughout this article, be sure to bring these items with you:

  • Keys
  • Car title and registration
  • Proof of insurance

Plus, you’ll want to bring your driver’s license, social security card, and down payment if necessary. Then, you’ll feel confident and ready to trade in your car.

Trade in Your Vehicle in Colorado Springs Today

Are you ready to trade in your vehicle near Colorado Springs or Cimarron Hills, CO, and get the most out of it? If you’re a Fort Carson or Canon City, CO, vehicle owner and follow these tips, you’ll boost the value of your car. Come to Red Noland INFINITI, and we’ll help you get started with the trade-in process.

Red Noland INFINITI is located at: 425 Motor World Pkwy • Colorado Springs, CO 80905

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