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Red Noland INFINITI strives to create a positive experience in the wake of a collision that damages your INFINITI. We will make the repair process as stress-free as possible, taking every measure to return your INFINITI vehicle to its original, pre-accident condition – if not better.

The Red Noland Collision Center, in Colorado Springs, was based upon the foundation of Red’s uncompromising service in every aspect of the automotive industry. Our full-service auto body shop provides major damage repair and suspension work, paint-less dent removal, reconditioning for minor touch-ups and automotive detailing. All of our technicians are I-Car Certified. We are also in partnership with the environment; we recycle most of our products. The Red Noland Collision Center uses waterborne base-coat which uses no petroleum products in mixing or application. This reduces demand for petroleum and provides cleaner air emissions during the paint process. If you have any questions about our INFINITI Collision Center, please give us a call at 719-633-1560.

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The Steps To A Superior Auto Body Repair

1. Evaluation

  • We meet with you and discuss the damage, address any concerns that you have or have noticed while driving the vehicle since the accident.
  • We do a preliminary evaluation of your vehicle and write an estimate – We take care of sending all the information to your insurance company, so you don’t have to.
  • Check the vehicle for any unibody or frame damage and pass that information on to the insurance company.
  • Identification of potential safety issues is primary part of the evaluation, and those are also communicated to the insurance company.

2. Blueprint

  • We have dedicated adjusters that work side by side with our technicians as they disassemble the vehicle to ensure that all items are identified as needing to be replaced.
  • We identify parts that cannot be safely repaired, and are required to be replaced for safety systems to operate properly.
  • Parts are ordered accordingly so that there are no surprises when it is time to put the vehicle back together and avoiding delays in the repair.
  • All parts, good and bad, are organized on a cart so that nothing is lost or missed for reassembly.
  • This preparation allows the vehicle repair process to flow smoother and much quicker so that you can get your vehicle back as soon as possible.

3. Parts

  • Our Parts Department orders all the parts at once so that we can get them in a timely fashion to keep the vehicle repair flowing smoothly.
  • Our Parts Specialists receive each part and mirror them to the broken part to check for accuracy and make sure we received the correct part for the proper repair.
  • All parts are cataloged and put with the vehicle to aid in a timely repair and replacement process.

4. Metal

  • Our Metal Technicians take the time to repair the vehicles correctly. We prioritize quality and safe repairs over speed.
  • Our process uses the proper OEM repair procedure to ensure your vehicle is brought back to factory specifications – This ensures the safety of you and your occupants should you be involved in another accident.
  • Improper repairs, welding, or inferior parts can have a profound effect on the safety design of the vehicle – Airbags could not deploy, crumple zones could be compromised, all resulting in potential catastrophic injuries to the occupants. We repair your vehicle to ensure these safety mechanisms work as designed.

5. Paint

  • Quality of our work is very important to us, and paint repairs will often be a tell-tale sign of an inferior repair. Our Paint Technicians take the extra steps needed to ensure your car looks original.
  • Extra time is taken to prep the vehicle properly to ensure the paint work is of utmost quality.
  • We paint every part possible off the car, just as the factory does. This prevents paint lines, overspray, and other imperfections that are common when the parts are painted on the vehicle.
  • We use water borne paint that duplicates the same type of paint that the manufacturer applies to the vehicle.

6. Detail

  • We take the extra effort to color sand and polish the fresh paint work for that extra perfection for your vehicle’s best look
  • We detail your entire vehicle, so you have a vehicle that looks it best and you can feel like your vehicle was never damaged
  • Most shops will simply spray wash the vehicle, we detail it by hand and take the time to do it right.

7. Safety

  • Our number one concern is the safety of the vehicle after it is repaired!
  • Today’s modern vehicles have many types of metal, alloys and plastics. We take the time to work with the factory to make sure we have repaired to their specifications, ensuring the original safety design is not compromised.
  • Our entire staff is fully certified with I-Car Gold Status to ensure they are consistently getting the most up to date training for modern repairs.
  • We take the time to use the right welds, just as the factory does, ensure the integrity of the metals and alloys are not jeopardized by improper techniques.
  • We ask ourselves, “Would we put our family in this vehicle once it is repaired?” If we can’t answer that affirmatively, then we are going to work with your insurance company to total the vehicle.
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