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Stopping, starting, squeaking, grinding—what are your brakes doing around Colorado Springs and Cimarron Hills, Colorado? If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s brakes and their performance, maybe it’s time for a brake repair near me. Even if our Red Noland INFINITI service advisors find only minor issues, you’ll be relieved that you had them examined.

This page provides links that you can read at any time about brake issues. They’re helpful and can tell you when to get your vehicle’s brakes fixed and the signs to look for as you ride around Fort Carson or Canon City, Colorado.

Brake Repair near MeHow Long Do Brakes Last?

Once your vehicle’s odometer hits 20,000 miles, it’s best to get the brakes checked. It can be another task to add to an oil change appointment or tire rotation. At this point, the brake pads in some cars may start deteriorating, depending on how and where you drive. A service advisor measures the brake pads to see if they can continue to successfully protect the rotors.

Brakes can hold up to about 50,000 miles, although some brakes may be able to perform well up to 75,000 miles. If you start having them examined before those mileage markers, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing the pads and rotors are working their best. Let an advisor know if you hear unusual sounds when you apply the brakes.

Why Do Brake Pads Wear Out?

What type of braking do you do? If you tend to use your brakes liberally, you may wear down the brake pads in a quicker fashion. For drivers who use them more sparingly, the brake pads may last a longer time. Think about how you drive, where you go, how often you brake, and your driving style.

Drivers who travel in stop-and-go traffic or speed on a frequent basis and then stop abruptly will most likely need their vehicle’s brake pads changed more often. The brake pads protect the rotors, which provide your stopping power. As you use them, the pads may get thinner with every stop you make.

For individuals who take it easy on the road or travel on less-frequented thoroughfares, you may not need the pads changed as quickly. Since you’re not applying the brakes as much, the pads tend to last longer. But it’s a good idea to stay on schedule with check-ups no matter what your driving style.

Brake Repair near MeSigns You Need Brake Repair

Learning about the signs that indicate your vehicle needs brake repair can reassure you when you spot them. Knowing the signs will spur you on to make a service appointment when they appear. Then, you’ll know your vehicle’s brakes can provide the protection you need in unexpected situations.

Of course, if the dashboard light beams, you’ll know it’s time to get the brakes checked. Other signals may be less known to most drivers. Squealing sounds usually start happening when the brake pads wear down. If you hear grinding noises when you apply the brakes, the pads may already be worn down.

A lack of response or a spongy feel when you step on the brake pedal indicates the brakes need attention. If you feel a vibration from the pedal, it may mean your vehicle’s brake rotors could be warped. No matter what type of unusual experience you have when applying the brakes can benefit from an inspection by our service team.

Schedule Brake Repair in Colorado Springs Today

Scheduling brake repair near me can help avoid the squeaking and grinding you may hear while driving near Colorado Springs and Cimarron Hills, CO. Let the Red Noland INFINITI service advisors help get your vehicle’s brakes back on track for riding around Fort Carson and Canon City, CO. Contact us online today!

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